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Makai Attila
managing director

The critical factor of success in any innovation process is implementation rather than the uniqueness of the idea. Of course, almost every innovation stems from an execellent idea. But, proven by statistics, only 1 out of great initiatives will result in market success.

I've estamblished NexCon Ltd in 2011. Our mission, as a consultancy girm, is to contribute to the succes of innovation and development projects, whether they're domestic or funded by the EU. Our ultimate goal is 100% succes rate.

No two days and two clients are the same and no two projects either. Every day, every project is a new challenge and a new opportunity. as innovations Manager and entrepreneur, my mission is to help my clients to see their projects as opportunities to a brighter future and sources of inspiration rather than clusters of problems, threats and chaos.

NexCon is also an experiment. Is it possible to prepare and implement R&D projects in Hungary that can compete with the Word's leading innovators?

Can the results of domestic projects exported onto international markets?

Is it possible to import and adapt the approach, organisational structure and culture of the most successful international ventures of this field?

My answer is, Yes it is possible.



I've established the consultancy firm NexCon Ltd. in 2011 with the mission to contribute to the success of Hungarian domestic and EU- funded development and innovation projects. My goal is 100% succes rate for our projects.


MErWiS is a complete system that revolutionises the process of eary Melanoma screening. Combined results from the innovative Merwis cabin and the corresponding application can show degenerative skin conditions in their very early stages, and as such, reducing the risk of developing Metastases.


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